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What are RevShare Programs?

RevShare programs are advertisement websites where businesses and users can pay for advertisements, watch and visit website advertisements all while receiving a portion of the profits.

Some well known RevShare Programs

How to Make Money with RevShare Programs

To be successful with revshare programs one must truly understand how they work and what part of a strategy they play a part in.

AdPacks: How the business generates money.

A user of a revshare program will purchase an AdPack. In FutureAdPro AdPacks are $10 or $50 dollars. Each AdPack will return a 20% gain typically within a 30 to 60 day period. An AdPack does not mature until it has reached this point. The speed at which AdPacks mature is based on how much money is being brought into the business.

Multi-level Marketing (MLM) Structured RevShares

A lot of revshare programs are structured in a multi-level marketing way. The program allows the user to earn commissions from the AdPacks purchased by users who are brought into the business.

PRO TIP: Build a big marketing email list.

Power Lead Systems (PLS)

This is the most amazing tool for marketing your revshare program’s advertisement funnels. This marketing tool costs about $30/month and you can earn money monthly from every person that you sign up. While this tool builds an email list it also earns you additional money through referrals.

PLS = Residual Income

Traffic Sources as Residual Income

In order for a revshare to continue thriving, it needs a steady flow of new members to purchase new AdPacks. Some of the traffic sources can earn you commissions on referrals. As you are bringing people into the revshare program you can earn money as they purchase traffic.

How Much Money Can I Make?

That depends on your commitment level and ability to learn and market your business. This isn’t easy, and it’s going to take a lot of work. In the end the reward is incredible.

In the beggining…

Maturity: 100 AdPacks

Ideal Goal

Risk Assessment: Can I lose?

You betcha’! Any business is risky and can be dangerous to one’s financial life, health, relationships and mental health. However, success could mean quitting your day job, traveling the World, or paying off those debts much sooner.

How RevShare Programs Fail

How to Access a RevShare Site

How to Get Started

Selecting a RevShare Strategy