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Flippa.com, an Online Digital Marketplace and Internet Landfill

Flippa.com Flippa.com (Flippa from here on out) is a website that its solely dedicated to selling established websites, start-up websites, domains and mobile applications. While the concept of Flippa is wonderful, finding a decent deal is like walking through a mine field of scams. There’s many ways people create websites and fake data, sales and traffic in order to persuade a gullible innocent buyer into investing a lot of money into a scam. We’ll get into that later. However, if you are clever and can search through the junk there are some great opportunities on this site.


  • Easy to use and bid
  • Escrow process is easy
  • Mobile App is solid


  • Lots of fake scam sites
  • Need a lot of technical skill to be successful

Buying Tips for Flippa.com Auctions

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How Flippa.com Works

Sites I’ve Purchased

Selling on Flippa.com

Profiting with Start-up Sites

Spotting a Flippa Scam or Fake website

Click Bots to Fake Advertisement Revenue