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The Secrets to Online Content Writing

The Secrets to Online Content Writing

Written by Sydney


Every day we’re bombarded with advertisements that claim, “One woman learned how to make $500 a day from her couch, you can too!” The majority are just a hook to get you to give up hard earned money for a webinar or ebook veiled in vague language and clichés. However, there is a way you can make some extra cash sitting on your couch.

It’s called online content writing.

Online content writing can be a career for some if you have the drive and skills, which we will get into in proceeding posts, but for most it’s a great way to pad your pocket and pay a few bills.

This field of writing can be broken down into a few subcategories, and as a general rule it’s best to stay in the niche you feel most comfortable working with. Especially if you are just doing it for some extra dough, jumping from category to category can actually hinder you and make it harder to find work, as strange as that may sound. For example, a potential client will feel more comfortable paying you to write on their blog if you have written content for several other blogs as opposed to a scattered resume with a blog job tucked in there somewhere.

The key to success in online content writing whether part time or as a career is specialization.

Now, let’s break down 5 of the most common types of jobs to be found in the wide world of online content creation!

  • Freelance Blogging 

If you have a specific area of expertise, some knowledge that others may come looking for, then freelance blogging is a good option. Many established blogs look for guest bloggers to help keep content fresh and are willing to pay. Granted, there are quite a few who don’t give the guest blogger anything other than a bi-line at the top of the post, but do not dismiss these types of jobs! Especially when starting out in the field these can be a great way to gain experience, get your name out there and build a resume for future paying jobs.

  • Social Media Content 

This is a field in which I found success early in my career. It’s a quick and simple way to gain experience and if you are willing to set aside a decent amount of time per week you can make a very good pay check. Social media marketing companies manage their client’s social media profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These companies need writers to create content so their marketers can focus on, well, marketing. Most companies are willing to pay around $1 for each social media post you can write, adding up pretty quickly by the end of the week.

  • eBooks

Sites like Elance and Guru hold a gold mine of eBook jobs if you are looking for longer projects. EBooks can be a lucrative field if you tread carefully. A good majority of clients seeking writers for projects such as this have very little understanding of content writing, otherwise they would be writing the book themselves! This frequently leads to problems with clients wondering, “Well, why can’t you write a 15,000 word project in 3 days for $100?” Don’t let this put off from the field, though. There are still some good, easy to work with clients and companies out there seeking quality content and they are willing to pay good money. When writing eBooks, it is very important to be selective and (as tempting as it may be) do not take every job that comes your way. You can end up wasting a lot of time on eBook projects and coming out with just enough money to cover your cafe tab.

  • Translation 

This can be a difficult niche, however, the pay is some of the best in the field of online content creation. The most common languages you will find are French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian. So if you know any of these languages fluently in combination with English, you have a gold mine in your brain. Most jobs involve translating web pages, technical manuscripts or scholarly essays. Elance, Guru and even Craigslist can provide a wealth of translating jobs.

  • Technical Content Writing 

Technical writing is field unto itself and many jobs can fall under this broad umbrella. Technical writers can make exceptional pay, and it is worth looking into if you have the following knowledge and skill set: Knowledge of technology, the medical field or finance, the ability to write clearly, free of errors and with limited voice. Technical writing requires a separation of self from the material, creating concise and sterile content.

So there you have it! The best ways to make money sitting on your couch. Of course, online content creation is a wide field so I wasn’t able to break down every single sub-genre. If you have discovered another category that has benefited you, or have anything to add, feel free to comment!

Best of luck!


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The Secrets to Online Content Writing

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